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Testemunhos de clientes

“We have, with Catarina Belim and Pedro Soares Caeiro, constant support and concern for our business and we understand that this is the differentiating point; they strive to know our business, how to operate and provide solutions.”

“It is specialised in the area of VAT and resolves queries with a deep understanding of Portuguese and EU VAT law, often managing all work until the issue or problem is resolved.”

“Catarina Belim is our most valuable partner in EU VAT law; she is quick, reliable and accurate.”

“In contrast to a big, full-size law firm, you find a dedicated and personalised service.”

“Catarina Belim is a top-notch, brilliant lawyer, who is abreast of worldwide trade and customs matters. In addition, she is deeply knowledgeable in VAT issues, which makes her a comprehensive capable lawyer.”

“Personalised service.”

“Catarina Belim is efficient, astute and practical; always ensuring the high level of work produced.”

“Catarina Belim is super strong on VAT issues.”

Fonte: The Legal 500

“I have worked with Luís over the last year on three separate matters (NHR, Tax Assessment, Tax Submission) and have found him to be incredibly responsive, professional, and capable. Not only has he helped me ensure I am compliant with Portuguese tax law but he has also helped me navigate the challenges related to my US employment.”

“I worked with Luís in a complex personal tax situation involving tax law in multiple countries. Luís and BELIM CASTILHO were by far the most knowledgeable of the topics on the table and went to great length to study the situation further as needed. I ended-up with a crystal clear understanding of my situation and the multiple options and risks the consider. Ultimately I was able to confidently make an informed tax decision. I have recommended Luís to several friends and co-workers and will definitely continue to do.”

“Luís is the best tax law professional that I have worked with. He’s extremely bright, articulate, thorough, and expresses opinions of complex issues in a balanced way that left me with a good sense of potential risks associated with different law interpretations or tax strategies. He’s also very pleasant and responsive. I feel very fortunate to have met him and would recommend him without any hesitation.”

“Luís is extremely well versed in both the juridical and practical aspects of the Portuguese tax system, thanks to its great experience both as a senior tax officer and as a tax lawyer. He provides high level, timely and outstandingly customer centered tax advices. I can only highly recommend Luís to any international client in need of a secure and reliable tax guidance in Portugal.”

Fonte: testemunhos de clientes no LinkedIn

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