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The CFC Metaverse
Luís Castilho, NOVA Tax Research Lab, May 2023

WorldECR’s “Dual-Use Export Controls in Europe
Catarina Belim & Luís Castilho
Chapter for Portugal, 2023

“The Curious Case Of Tax Insurance”
Luís Castilho, NOVA Tax Research Lab, February 2023

Daring To Be Different: The Estonian Model
Luís Castilho, NOVA Tax Research Lab, February 2023

Bloomberg Tax Country Guide Timor Leste – High-Level Explanations and Bloomberg Tax VAT Navigator – High-Level Explanations
Catarina Belim & Pedro Seabra Caeiro, March 2020

WorldECR’s “Sanctions in Europe
Catarina Belim & Pedro Seabra Caeiro
Chapter for Portugal, 2020

VAT and the Lawyer Profession
Catarina Belim
Portuguese Bar Association Magazine, February 2019

Larentia + Minerva: computation of the right to deduct input VAT by holdings
Catarina Belim & Francisco Cabral Matos, IDEFF, Public Finance and Tax Law Magazine, Year 8, number 2, 2016

VAT on financial transactions: advisory services to by third party managers
Catarina Belim & Professor Rita de La Feria, IDEFF, Public Finance and Tax Law Magazine, Year 5 number 4, 2013

The right to make mistakes when charging and deducting VAT“[PT version]
Catarina Belim & Beatriz da Palma Gonçalves, in PSD, Comissão Estratégia Nacional, A Tax Reform for the XXI century, with the coordination of Prof. Joaquim Miranda Sarmento


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