Catarina Belim participates in panel in the GLCA’s annual conference

On March, 23 (from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.), GLCA Customs Lawyers Network is organizing a hybrid seminar on some of the hottest topics in trade and customs:

  1. Effect of transfer pricing year-end adjustments on VAT and customs valuation (Hamamatsu case)
  2. The new EU CBAM – Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism applicable to key industry imports from the end of this year
  3. Impact on nearshoring for business by moving operations to a nearby country; with North America and China impact insights.

Our partner Catarina Belim will speak in  panel 2 which includes Christian Salder from Kmlz, Bert Gevers from Loyens and Leonor Cordovil from Grinberg Cordovil.


The seminar is hosted by Niederer Kraft Frey with the participation of GLCA Customs Lawyers Network.

BELIM CASTILHO is very proud to be part of this global network of great customs and trade lawyers Bert Gevers Leonor Cordovil Francisco J Cortina Agnieszka Kisielewska Tony Kerr Christian Salder Christina Rinne David Stepp Fausto Capello Jean-Marie SALVA José Francisco Mafla Paul CasuccioPeter Kirby Ricardo Romero Roy Delbyck Thomas Vanhee توماس فانهي Vladimir Tchikine

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March 17, 2023

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