Change of residency to Portugal (NHR)

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We can provide you with a tax assessment of your personal situation should you wish to become a tax resident in Portugal.

Non-habitual Resident regime

Within our expertise, we can help you structure and set up the transfer of your residence to Portugal under the Non-Habitual Residents (NHR) regime.

The NHR regime will apply to inbounds transferring residency to Portugal and for Portuguese who are living abroad for 5 or more years. Once granted, the NHR regime will be valid for a 10 consecutive year period.

Portuguese sourced employment and self-employment income can be liable to a 20% flat rate if resultant from one of the activities considered as high added value as listed in a Ministerial Order, such as doctors, professors, journalists, artists, IT technicians, scientists, industry and manufacture qualified workers and directors, if certain conditions are met.

Foreign source income can be exempt from personal income tax in Portugal provided several conditions are met.

We can outline your change of residency to Portugal and interact with other jurisdictions to provide an overview of the tax effects to be expected in your “home country” and in Portugal upon your relocation.

You can learn all about it by reading our full newsletter here:

Overview – NHR

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