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Tax and Customs

  • Advisory on tax & customs;
  • Analysis of the tax impact of a given operation;
  • Representation in case of audits;
  • Representation in dealings with the Portuguese Tax Authorities and before tax courts;
  • Outline of defence strategies against additional assessments and penalties;
  • Support of tax refund and reimbursement requests;
  • Guidance on key compliance obligations, invoicing rules and transport of goods documents;
  • Import and Export controls and licensing advisory;
  • Advisory on relief of customs and excise duties;
  • Planning and change of residency to Portugal;

Our deliverable may be:

  • Ongoing assistance to your Company’s day to day issues and legal obligations;
  • Informal reply of queries by telephone and e-mail;
  • Issuance of legal opinions on a specific question or matter;
  • High level analysis notes;
  • Assessment of risks and contingencies associated to a certain transaction/operation;
  • Computation of the tax impact of a transaction;
  • Customized training adjusted to your needs;
  • Representation in audits;
  • Representation in dispute resolution before the Courts and tax administration;
  • Drafting of pleadings in Tax and Custom penalties proceedings;
  • Review of invoicing requirements;
  • Assistance and guidance with tax compliance obligations.
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