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Customer Testimonials

‘The Belim Castilho team is an entrepreneurial and practical team that responds efficiently and quickly. Focused on tax law, they are able to guide us through the most complex operations and give us concrete data on the tax cost of the transactions.’

‘High quality individual tax advice.’

‘Luís Castilho is very knowledgeable, smart, and responsive. He’s the best tax attorney I’ve worked with in Portugal or the US. His knowledge of the Portuguese tax system is excellent, as well as the intricacies of the international tax treaties between Portugal and other countries.’

‘Catarina is a unique lawyer, whose quality of work and dedication to her clients are easily noticeable upon first contact.’

‘Luís Castillo always provides timely responses to any of my enquiries. Luis is really well informed on all the tax matters I have enquired about. Luis is always willing to provide advice or lend a hand even on matters adjacent to his expertise. Just a pleasure to deal with.’

‘Catarina Belim is highly regarded in the market and a great lawyer who can be relied upon; Catarina never fails to deliver timely and practical advice aware of our business and needs; Luís Castilho has great international tax knowledge.’

‘Catarina is one of the references for VAT and indirect taxes in Portugal, with extreme responsiveness, always observes the deadlines agreed with the client, gets involved in public discussions about tax policy and guarantees a lot of added value to clients.’

‘Luís Castilho is one of the most dedicated professionals in the national market in the area of ​​HNWIs taxation, having the ability to deliver a lot of added value in a short time and being one of the most client-devoted people I know.’

Source: The Legal 500 2024


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“Catarina Belim consistently exhibits a proactive approach and keeps clients well informed through regular updates. She is dedicated to delivering nothing short of excellence.”

“She is highly knowledgeable of all VAT matters, provides impeccable responsiveness and great acumen regarding potential policy changes.”

Source: Chambers Europe 2024


“I have worked with Luís over the last year on three separate matters (NHR, Tax Assessment, Tax Submission) and have found him to be incredibly responsive, professional, and capable. Not only has he helped me ensure I am compliant with Portuguese tax law but he has also helped me navigate the challenges related to my US employment.”

“I worked with Luís in a complex personal tax situation involving tax law in multiple countries. Luís and BELIM CASTILHO were by far the most knowledgeable of the topics on the table and went to great length to study the situation further as needed. I ended-up with a crystal clear understanding of my situation and the multiple options and risks the consider. Ultimately I was able to confidently make an informed tax decision. I have recommended Luís to several friends and co-workers and will definitely continue to do.”

“Luís is the best tax law professional that I have worked with. He’s extremely bright, articulate, thorough, and expresses opinions of complex issues in a balanced way that left me with a good sense of potential risks associated with different law interpretations or tax strategies. He’s also very pleasant and responsive. I feel very fortunate to have met him and would recommend him without any hesitation.”

“Luís is extremely well versed in both the juridical and practical aspects of the Portuguese tax system, thanks to its great experience both as a senior tax officer and as a tax lawyer. He provides high level, timely and outstandingly customer centered tax advices. I can only highly recommend Luís to any international client in need of a secure and reliable tax guidance in Portugal.”

Source: client’s testimonial’s which can be checked in LinkedIn

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