Ana Catarina Marques

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Ana Catarina Marques has a Degree in International Relations with a specialisation in Companies’ International Strategy. She has concluded several training courses on communication, marketing and leadership in the legal sector, as well as training on how to manage a law firm.

Professional background

Ana Catarina is an experienced communications professional with more than 15 years of experience, having worked at a top-notch law firm in Portugal and in an international company specialised in organising training events.

Since 2017 she works as a communication consultant to small and medium sized law firms, in areas such as communication, marketing and business development, helping those law firms communicating and gaining visibility.

Currently, Ana Catarina is consultant to Belim Castilho communications and information, overseeing and managing its external communications and relationships with legal publishers.

Personal details

Ana Catarina is a cat person and she helps quite a few animal shelters. She loves to spend quality time with her two kids walking and cooking.

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Tel: + 351 211 582 280

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